Transcript: ONR Delivers Revolutionary Research, Relevant Results

Narrator: The Office of Naval Research. Revolutionary research. Relevant results.

Narrator: When Office of Naval Research (ONR) experts come to the global science and technology table, they deliver. ONR delivers brilliant minds that explore the unknown, creating the next big thing for the Navy and Marine Corps.

Narrator: We build partnerships that represent the best in academia, industry, and government in order to bring our warfighters every advantage.

Narrator: ONR is committed to energy and the environment technology that positions naval forces that will be greener, more energy efficient and more affordable.

Narrator: ONR values its investments in scientific discovery and invention, but takes pride in developing quick turnaround technical solutions to keep our Navy and Marine Corps dominant on the battlefield today.

Narrator: ONR delivers the foundation for a future force that will be safer, lighter, faster, stealthier and more autonomous than today’s Navy.

Narrator: No matter what challenges the Navy and Marine Corps face, the Office of Naval Research is there, delivering innovative solutions that protect our fighting forces and enhance their warfighting capabilities now and far into the future.


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