Other Meetings

Note: In registering for an upcoming ONR event, some users will be prompted to update their browsers to trust the Department of Defense (DoD) Web certificate before accessing ONR's meetings site. If you cannot access a registration link provided to you by copying and pasting the URL directly into your browser, your browser may not be equipped with a pre-installed DoD certificate. You may be prompted to "trust" or accept the DoD certificate before entering the registration site.

If you are not prompted to trust the certificate, and cannot access the area, the four-step process below should resolve the issue:

  1. Download the attached ZIP folder.
  2. Extract the DoD root certificate installer and save to your computer desktop.
  3. Run the file by double-clicking the DoD root kit icon on your desktop.
  4. Accept the default selections under the NIPR heading when prompted by the update.

This should resolve certificate error issues in accessing DoD websites, including the ONR events registration pages. Once you have successfully entered the registration site, you may delete the installer on your desktop.

If, however, you are still experiencing difficulty after following these steps, please contact the ONR events team (onr_events@navy.mil) for assistance.

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